Braxton’s First Beach Trip

Brad was down south for drill weekend and the weather was a DREAM for January – so I ignored all cleaning and my running schedule for the BEACH!

We went on Saturday afternoon with Christine and Jen – and then met Rachel and Rorik for coffee after.

I made an impromptu tent since I didn’t think about bringing an umbrella for shade or anything.
It ended up working perfectly and he even fell asleep after eating
so I got in a nap in and read a few pages in my book!

IMG_3855 IMG_3864 IMG_3869 IMG_3872

This was my first weekend with Brad gone, so even though we just went to the beach and coffee,
I was WORN out!!
After I got Braxton to bed, I was exhausted and starving so I relaxed with
a bath and a lean cuisine from the microwave(I know, I know… but it’s quick!!),
a cup of green tea, a Ghiradhelli sea salt and caramel chocolate,
a candle and my book!

MUCH needed!!


Sunday, we went back to the beach after church even though it was a little cooler out.

Cute lil flip flops from Gma Capp! Didn’t know we’d get a chance to use them in JANUARY!
They’re still a little big but SOOO cute, I couldn’t resist!!
Rachel and Rorik came with us 🙂
There was a 5 and 10 mile run going on past our beach spot which
made nursing a little more awkward than usual for us…
we weren’t expecting that many people around!!! – hahah!!!

IMG_3894 IMG_3897
IMG_3898 IMG_3899

Watch Me Grow – 2 months

This post comes a day late – but I am finally catching up on my blog and my online “scrapbook” of Braxton’s first year.  You’d think I’d have so much time staying home all day but even with a 2 month old, free time is few and far between!  I am just getting back into starting a routine of excercise and diet eating healthy.  I’ve been going strong since the 1st using to log my food and excercise and on Monday I started a 5k training program through the runkeeper app.  I eventually want to run a half marathon and wish I could run the Gate River Run by March but I am starting with baby steps since I am just 2 months pp. My joints are still loose from the relaxin and my knee is getting used to being used for running instead of walking.  Finally got a second to update since I got back from my run and the hubby had Braxton down for a nap before he left for work — so I finally got a peaceful shower, post workout chocolate almond milk, and green tea and here I am…
STATS (updated as of 1-11-13 for his 2 month appt)
Weight: 10 lbs 6.5 oz
Height: 23 1/4 in.
CLOTHES: Size 0-3 – fitting into them better now 🙂 and size 0 shoes still since birth – although I’ve only put you in your cute lil dress shoes 2 times because you love to bend your toes straight up in the air and shoes don’t let you do that!!
TEETH: Nothing yet
FOOD: Milk, milk, and MORE milk!  The night you met you Santa for the first time, our little neighbor, 5 year old Isaiah asked me if you liked carrots.  I said that you only drink milk.  His face was shocked – “He only drinks milk??!!” haha 🙂
You are a great eater – when I’ve pumped you’ll usually drink 4-4.5 oz. Although New Years night you drank a pumped 4 oz at 11 and then another 4 oz at midnight to ring in the New Year! haha 🙂 Thirsty baby!
SLEEP: Amazing sleeper! Last night you slept 9pm-6:30am! 9.5 hours! You ROCK!!!! You’ve had your nights of 8 hours, 9 hours, 12 hours… but usually will sleep 2 stretches of anywhere from 4-6 hours.  Still in your bassinet, I want to move you to your crib soon but I need to clean your room first! 
Look What I Can Do: You are so flexible running so many errands with mommy and even going on a run and to the gym with mommy too. You’ve been amazing in every church service – just chill wide awake, sleep, or eat a little. You had been fussy from gas but I think probiotics are helping you! You LOVE to be in your swing.  You’ve started to play on your play mat a little.  When you were about 6 weeks you noticed your mobile for the first time and it made you smile. Your first laugh was on Christmas Eve. You’ve been a smiling machine all month – even your eyes light up with each smile.  You’ve really started “talking to us” – daddy loves his morning “chats.”  Lots of ooo’s and ohh’s.  I started singing you the Barney “I Love You” song at 4 weeks and by 6 weeks you seemed to recognize it… you smile almost everytime we sing it to you!  You’ve been great coming with us to game nights – we still get to play our games and you eat and nap just like you would at home.  Around 7 weeks you started being able to hold your head a little on your own.  Now at 8 weeks we don’t have to help you hold it very much.  You like to try and put your whole fist in your mouth – looks like you’re trying to suck on a popsicle.  You’ve spent lots of time doing “FaceTime” with Gma & Gpa and Meme & PopPops. Laying on your tummy you’d struggled a little bit to try and move your head from one side to the other but on exactly 8 weeks, you did it with ease – we were so proud…
A month apart… growing, growing!!
(12/2/12  and 1/8/13)
Another look from 12/7/2012 to 1/8/2013
WMG 2 months
Jack’s always so curious
Jack chillin while you drink momma’s milk
 Daddy trying to get you to smile 🙂
Cutest 2 month old
DSCN0815 DSCN0818
Lookin’ like such a little boy!
DSCN0816  DSCN0812
workin’ out with momma – runs and the gym
FaceTime with the Grands!
Jack laying by your side


Just thinking… and getting dry after a bath
IMG_3726 IMG_3703
Lots of morning cuddles with daddy
(first one is my FAV!)


IMG_3691 IMG_3597 IMG_3675


First jog in the stroller
IMG_3682 IMG_3679 IMG_3676

New Years Eve
 IMG_3654 IMG_3651 IMG_3634 IMG_3660
Cute Smiles at 7 weeks
IMG_3610 IMG_3608 IMG_3606
First time on the play gym mat
DSCN0755 DSCN0754
Bath time
 IMG_3498 IMG_3117 IMG_3123 IMG_3121
All ready for church!!
and a bunch more…
IMG_3462 IMG_3460 IMG_3440 IMG_3388 IMG_3385 IMG_3382 IMG_3371 IMG_3262 IMG_3247 IMG_3242 IMG_3235 IMG_3194 IMG_3189 IMG_3173 IMG_3145 IMG_3590IMG_3098 IMG_3082

First Christmas in Jax



Shopping for ornaments and Christmas decor with mommy and daddy 🙂


Got this guy for the balcony


Our first real Christmas tree



First time meeting Santa – you slept the whole time







Mod podged a pic onto canvas…




Went down the landing for the Easton Corbin concert.
I won Blake Shelton’s Christmas CD!







Braxton’s First Christmas(es) in Alabama

We headed to Alabama to visit Brad’s grandparents and great grandparents the weekend(12/14) before Christmas.

Visiting with Great Aunt Michelle.


Anslee’s not too sure what to think of Braxton!


Cute hat from Jenn and Tyler.


Sleeping in a big boy crib at GGma Carolyn’s.


Meeting Great Grandma Nawnaw for the first time.
She sure loved your little feet and thinks you look just like your daddy!


Super cute gift from April!


Meeting lil Carlie Grace for the first time.
You two are about 4 months apart.
Her daddy is Brad’s cousin.



Sweet cuddles with April.


Jack also needed some cuddles with us

IMG_3297 IMG_3298

Meeting Great Grandma Beasley and Great Granny Jordan.
What a special boy to have two sets of FIVE GENERATIONS!

IMG_3309 IMG_3314

IMG_3315 IMG_3316

Spending floor time with Great Grandma Carolyn (and Jack & Rock!)


Showin off your smile to everyone!


~Christmas Eve we drove to Brad’s parents house for Christmas~

We arrived around midnight and Meme, PopPops, and Uncle J were so excited to
see you — you were cooing up a storm and had your FIRST LAUGH!!!
It was the cutest thing.

Christmas morning we got you all posed with your presents
and your sweet lil Christmas outfit.

DSCN0773 DSCN0785

Whoa! Look at all these presents!

DSCN0787 DSCN0788

By the tree with daddy — somewhere between sleeping in and being in my PJ’s all Christmas
morning to getting ready for dinner and then you were fussy and took awhile to get to sleep,
we didn’t get a family pic! 😦 So bummed… but at least you got one with daddy!


Talking to Meme!  She sure gave mommy a lot of time to relax as she fed you, changed you,
and rocked you to sleep while momma got a break!

DSCN0792 DSCN0794

Love these long lil legs!


The hubby and I ❤ – 3rd Christmas together and 2nd one married, ha!
The 1st year we were dating, the 2nd year we were married, and the 3rd we had YOU!

DSCN0801 DSCN0805 DSCN0806

PopPops loving on his grandbaby and grand-dog.

DSCN0809 DSCN0807

Hard to see the bomber hat pics, but your smile was OH SO SWEET!!!

IMG_3572 IMG_3566 IMG_3574

Smiling, laughing, and ‘talkin’ to Uncle J!


First Thanksgiving

Grandma and Grandpa Capp were here to celebrate Thanksgiving at our apartment with us.

Grandma Capp cooked up a storm!! She made the turkey, green bean casserole, broccoli salad, homemade mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, and snickers salad!
Brad made sweet potato soufflé and I made baked brie with raspberry sauce.
Pumpkin pie was compliments of Costco – YUUUUUM!


Cutie pie!

Did that tryptophan getcha a lil sleepy?

Cutest itty bitty turkey booty!


Almost 3 weeks old, lots of time spent sleeping.


Love you my little munchkin!


Family pic 🙂


Braxton’s First Trip to Savannah

Grandma and Grandpa Capp got to visit us for all of November.  Grandpa Capp was getting a little stir crazy so at just 10 days old we all ventured up to Savannah, GA for a weekend getaway.

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn right on Bay Street.  Momma took full advantage of their little coffee(decaf) bar maaaaany times and we enjoyed the short walk down to the river front.

You did awesome chillin’ in the moby wrap as we walked river street and ate lunch at the Cotton Exchange(LOVED IT!).

 IMG_2580  IMG_2577  IMG_2583

Love this little morning snuggles pic – lookin like a lil man!!


It was colder than expected, but we bundled you up for a trolley ride tour.  It was neat to see all of the squares in the city.

We stopped for lunch on Sunday at Vinnie Van GoGo’s… also AMAZING!!! Pepperoni pizza with green olives, yes please!!!


Down by the riverfront, watching the ships come in.

DSCN0586 DSCN0588

We toured the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  You didn’t make a peep!  The stain glass was INCREDIBLE!!!

DSCN0605 DSCN0614 DSCN0590

One Week Old

Throwback post… this is from November 7th to November 14th.

Both of your grandparents were here to love on you all the way from Minnesota and Alabama.


and your great grandparents too!


You sure loved to sleep and be swaddled.
I have to keep waking you up during the night to feed otherwise you’d just keep on sleeping, but you need to grow.
You have long legs, long fingers, and big feet!

You couldn’t be more perfect to me!!!!! ❤


 IMG_3330  IMG_2466

One of my favorite pics of you!
– a perfect mix of mommy and daddy –


Jack(the dog) loves you – he loves to lay by you and loves to know where you are.


Although he’s going to have to learn which toys are yours now… thankfully Grandma Capp came to the rescue!
(It was partly my fault though – I didn’t know it had fallen on the ground. This is daddy’s favorite toy he picked out for you.


You have found your pointer finger and like to suck on it but you
can’t seem to keep it in there very long so you get mad.


Daddy is so proud of you and loves cuddles with his boy 🙂

DSCN0564It melts mommy’s heart too!

We love you sweet one week old!


Braxton’s Nursery

We just moved from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom apartment this past weekend.  Let’s just say with two months til my due date(November 2nd) I am one happy mama for that to be over with!

Now we have the dreaded unpacking left — and if you could only see my kitchen!! I am tempted to post the picture of its current state, in which I managed to cook an amazing meal in last night (teryaki chicken[that the hubby grilled], macaroni and cheese, green beans, croissants, and roasted baby reds) except for the fact that I still have the dishes left to do this morning… note to self: don’t cook in an unpacked kitchen!!! [read:nightmare!!]

Moving to a bigger place meant one thing to me: Braxton will have his OWN room!!! Hip hip hurray! This room has already become my happy place.  We finished moving on Sunday and by Monday night all this was done:

The bedding is Ahoy Mate by Nojo purchased from Babies R Us and the crib set is Delta Springtime Lifetime Crib also purchased from Babies R Us. Letters are from Hobby Lobby – Brad spray painted them and added hooks to the back. The paint color is Glidden Premium Sweet Baby Boy.

Again, I will try to add a high resolution pic soon – just too excited to post it! And will add more pictures of the rest of the nursey soon as well :).

Time to clean up last night’s dishes 😦 whoops! and start to unpack the pantry…