Braxton Laughing at Daddy

Just 10 weeks old!

SOOOOO stinkin’ cute!!!

That boy LOVES his daddy!


Braxton’s First Beach Trip

Brad was down south for drill weekend and the weather was a DREAM for January – so I ignored all cleaning and my running schedule for the BEACH!

We went on Saturday afternoon with Christine and Jen – and then met Rachel and Rorik for coffee after.

I made an impromptu tent since I didn’t think about bringing an umbrella for shade or anything.
It ended up working perfectly and he even fell asleep after eating
so I got in a nap in and read a few pages in my book!

IMG_3855 IMG_3864 IMG_3869 IMG_3872

This was my first weekend with Brad gone, so even though we just went to the beach and coffee,
I was WORN out!!
After I got Braxton to bed, I was exhausted and starving so I relaxed with
a bath and a lean cuisine from the microwave(I know, I know… but it’s quick!!),
a cup of green tea, a Ghiradhelli sea salt and caramel chocolate,
a candle and my book!

MUCH needed!!


Sunday, we went back to the beach after church even though it was a little cooler out.

Cute lil flip flops from Gma Capp! Didn’t know we’d get a chance to use them in JANUARY!
They’re still a little big but SOOO cute, I couldn’t resist!!
Rachel and Rorik came with us 🙂
There was a 5 and 10 mile run going on past our beach spot which
made nursing a little more awkward than usual for us…
we weren’t expecting that many people around!!! – hahah!!!

IMG_3894 IMG_3897
IMG_3898 IMG_3899

Braxton’s Nursery

We just moved from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom apartment this past weekend.  Let’s just say with two months til my due date(November 2nd) I am one happy mama for that to be over with!

Now we have the dreaded unpacking left — and if you could only see my kitchen!! I am tempted to post the picture of its current state, in which I managed to cook an amazing meal in last night (teryaki chicken[that the hubby grilled], macaroni and cheese, green beans, croissants, and roasted baby reds) except for the fact that I still have the dishes left to do this morning… note to self: don’t cook in an unpacked kitchen!!! [read:nightmare!!]

Moving to a bigger place meant one thing to me: Braxton will have his OWN room!!! Hip hip hurray! This room has already become my happy place.  We finished moving on Sunday and by Monday night all this was done:

The bedding is Ahoy Mate by Nojo purchased from Babies R Us and the crib set is Delta Springtime Lifetime Crib also purchased from Babies R Us. Letters are from Hobby Lobby – Brad spray painted them and added hooks to the back. The paint color is Glidden Premium Sweet Baby Boy.

Again, I will try to add a high resolution pic soon – just too excited to post it! And will add more pictures of the rest of the nursey soon as well :).

Time to clean up last night’s dishes 😦 whoops! and start to unpack the pantry…