One Week Old

Throwback post… this is from November 7th to November 14th.

Both of your grandparents were here to love on you all the way from Minnesota and Alabama.


and your great grandparents too!


You sure loved to sleep and be swaddled.
I have to keep waking you up during the night to feed otherwise you’d just keep on sleeping, but you need to grow.
You have long legs, long fingers, and big feet!

You couldn’t be more perfect to me!!!!! ❤


 IMG_3330  IMG_2466

One of my favorite pics of you!
– a perfect mix of mommy and daddy –


Jack(the dog) loves you – he loves to lay by you and loves to know where you are.


Although he’s going to have to learn which toys are yours now… thankfully Grandma Capp came to the rescue!
(It was partly my fault though – I didn’t know it had fallen on the ground. This is daddy’s favorite toy he picked out for you.


You have found your pointer finger and like to suck on it but you
can’t seem to keep it in there very long so you get mad.


Daddy is so proud of you and loves cuddles with his boy 🙂

DSCN0564It melts mommy’s heart too!

We love you sweet one week old!



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