This is me!

Welcome to my blog ~ here you will find my love of the simple things in life.  My family, bargain hunting, money savvy deals, new restaurants, photography, travel, and my adventure on the road to being a new parent.

Having just moved apartments you will see my decorating attempts, kitchen experiments, and organization goals.

I guess those three things pretty much sum up things I love but am not so great at — I love things to be all put together, but it takes me a lot of work…

I am easily encouraged by others decorating from which I can gain my own inspiration with pieces I already have or ones that I find at a great discount.  My mom used to give me a hard time about not helping out in the kitchen and this ultimately led to my love of cooking, aka ‘following recipes.’  I have no creativity to make my own exciting meals but instead love the hunt for a easy, great-tasting recipe.  I would also love to be organized but this is a tedious task for myself and one that will take years and years to accomplish, but just like everything – one step at a time!

As a new mom, the pressure is on to really “have it all together.”  It definitely is a process which I am enjoying along the way! So, here I will keep updates on my latest endeavors, bargain finds, and recipes – hopefully with a few pictures included as I learn to improve my photography skills.



IMG_2782 IMG_3053


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