Watch Me Grow – 2 months

This post comes a day late – but I am finally catching up on my blog and my online “scrapbook” of Braxton’s first year.  You’d think I’d have so much time staying home all day but even with a 2 month old, free time is few and far between!  I am just getting back into starting a routine of excercise and diet eating healthy.  I’ve been going strong since the 1st using to log my food and excercise and on Monday I started a 5k training program through the runkeeper app.  I eventually want to run a half marathon and wish I could run the Gate River Run by March but I am starting with baby steps since I am just 2 months pp. My joints are still loose from the relaxin and my knee is getting used to being used for running instead of walking.  Finally got a second to update since I got back from my run and the hubby had Braxton down for a nap before he left for work — so I finally got a peaceful shower, post workout chocolate almond milk, and green tea and here I am…
STATS (updated as of 1-11-13 for his 2 month appt)
Weight: 10 lbs 6.5 oz
Height: 23 1/4 in.
CLOTHES: Size 0-3 – fitting into them better now 🙂 and size 0 shoes still since birth – although I’ve only put you in your cute lil dress shoes 2 times because you love to bend your toes straight up in the air and shoes don’t let you do that!!
TEETH: Nothing yet
FOOD: Milk, milk, and MORE milk!  The night you met you Santa for the first time, our little neighbor, 5 year old Isaiah asked me if you liked carrots.  I said that you only drink milk.  His face was shocked – “He only drinks milk??!!” haha 🙂
You are a great eater – when I’ve pumped you’ll usually drink 4-4.5 oz. Although New Years night you drank a pumped 4 oz at 11 and then another 4 oz at midnight to ring in the New Year! haha 🙂 Thirsty baby!
SLEEP: Amazing sleeper! Last night you slept 9pm-6:30am! 9.5 hours! You ROCK!!!! You’ve had your nights of 8 hours, 9 hours, 12 hours… but usually will sleep 2 stretches of anywhere from 4-6 hours.  Still in your bassinet, I want to move you to your crib soon but I need to clean your room first! 
Look What I Can Do: You are so flexible running so many errands with mommy and even going on a run and to the gym with mommy too. You’ve been amazing in every church service – just chill wide awake, sleep, or eat a little. You had been fussy from gas but I think probiotics are helping you! You LOVE to be in your swing.  You’ve started to play on your play mat a little.  When you were about 6 weeks you noticed your mobile for the first time and it made you smile. Your first laugh was on Christmas Eve. You’ve been a smiling machine all month – even your eyes light up with each smile.  You’ve really started “talking to us” – daddy loves his morning “chats.”  Lots of ooo’s and ohh’s.  I started singing you the Barney “I Love You” song at 4 weeks and by 6 weeks you seemed to recognize it… you smile almost everytime we sing it to you!  You’ve been great coming with us to game nights – we still get to play our games and you eat and nap just like you would at home.  Around 7 weeks you started being able to hold your head a little on your own.  Now at 8 weeks we don’t have to help you hold it very much.  You like to try and put your whole fist in your mouth – looks like you’re trying to suck on a popsicle.  You’ve spent lots of time doing “FaceTime” with Gma & Gpa and Meme & PopPops. Laying on your tummy you’d struggled a little bit to try and move your head from one side to the other but on exactly 8 weeks, you did it with ease – we were so proud…
A month apart… growing, growing!!
(12/2/12  and 1/8/13)
Another look from 12/7/2012 to 1/8/2013
WMG 2 months
Jack’s always so curious
Jack chillin while you drink momma’s milk
 Daddy trying to get you to smile 🙂
Cutest 2 month old
DSCN0815 DSCN0818
Lookin’ like such a little boy!
DSCN0816  DSCN0812
workin’ out with momma – runs and the gym
FaceTime with the Grands!
Jack laying by your side


Just thinking… and getting dry after a bath
IMG_3726 IMG_3703
Lots of morning cuddles with daddy
(first one is my FAV!)


IMG_3691 IMG_3597 IMG_3675


First jog in the stroller
IMG_3682 IMG_3679 IMG_3676

New Years Eve
 IMG_3654 IMG_3651 IMG_3634 IMG_3660
Cute Smiles at 7 weeks
IMG_3610 IMG_3608 IMG_3606
First time on the play gym mat
DSCN0755 DSCN0754
Bath time
 IMG_3498 IMG_3117 IMG_3123 IMG_3121
All ready for church!!
and a bunch more…
IMG_3462 IMG_3460 IMG_3440 IMG_3388 IMG_3385 IMG_3382 IMG_3371 IMG_3262 IMG_3247 IMG_3242 IMG_3235 IMG_3194 IMG_3189 IMG_3173 IMG_3145 IMG_3590IMG_3098 IMG_3082

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